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Topaz Adjust
Kubota for Photoshop
Kubota add-ons and actions for Photoshop

Kubota Fully Loaded Action


If you're new to using Kevin Kubota's image enhancing tools for Photoshop®, or just love working at maximum capacity, the Kubota Fully Loaded Action DASHBOARD Set is our complete collection of Kubota Actions delivered in a tidy, money-saving package.

Yes, Fully Loaded means there is nothing more you could acquire for your Kubota Action DASHBOARD!
This Set includes OVER 360(!) Kubota Actions:

  • Artistic Tools V1-4, Viva La Vintage and Pow Wow!… over 261 Actions!
  • Creative Tools Lensbaby Pak… 15 Actions!
  • Production Tools volume 2… over 60 Actions!
  • Sales Session Pak… 4 Special Edition Actions!
  • PLUS: Kubota Action DASHBOARD Pro Version Upgrade **

Kabota Dashboard Solo
Kubota Dashboard
V3 Pro - Solo

With the Kubota Action DASHBOARD PRO, you can:

• add keywords and descriptions to your Actions.
find and run ANY Action instantly.
mark and filter ANY of your favorite Actions.
• use ANY Action side by side with your Kubota Actions!

The Kubota Action DASHBOARD PRO comes from a long line of Kubota products created to make your life more simple, efficient, and enjoyable. Our loyal customers repeatedly tell us how dependent and hooked they are on our tools, and we anticipate no less for you. Join the fun!

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Recommended Photoshop plug-ins

Topaz Adjust


Topaz plug-ins

Check out these excellent Photoshop plug-ins. The Topaz plug-ins are really a must for Photoshop users!
The Topaz collection includes Topaz Adjust, Topaz Denoise, Topaz Simplify, Topaz Detail, Topaz Clean 2, Topaz Remask, Topaz DeJPEG, Topaz Vivacity, Topaz Moment, and Topaz Enhance.
Buy any of the Topaz plug-ins and get a free Photoshop tutorial from my Topaz tutorials.
Prices range from US $29.99 to $149.99.

  Filter Forge plug-in
Filter Forge is a high-end plugin for Adobe® Photoshop® allowing computer artists to build their own filters.
The key features of Filter Forge include a visual filter editor and a free online library of user-created filters to which anyone can contribute.
Filter Forge can produce a wide range of textures and effects which include organic structures, metallic and rocky surfaces, distortions, abstract textures, repeating patterns, color corrections, and more.
All filters are adjustable and editable, seamlessly tiled, resolution-independent, and support real-world HDRI lighting. Also, filters can automatically generate diffuse, specular, bump, and normal maps, which makes Filter Forge an essential tool for artists creating 3D models and environments, architectural visualization and high-end game content.
Filter Forge Basic - US $99.00
  Filter Forge Standard - US $199.00   Filter Forge Pro - US $299.00
Windows Mac Windows Mac Windows Mac
Recommended Photoshop Elements add-ons
As you probably know, Photoshop Elements has not inherited all of the essential features of the full Photoshop. Some functions have been removed, while the others just stay hidden.
"Elements+" is a handy patch revealing the hidden functions in your Photoshop Elements.
The bundle includes up to 152 actions sorted by category.
You choose appropriate tab in the Effects palette and double-click action pictogram to apply it.
Photoshop Elements 7   US $12.00
Photoshop Elements 6   US $12.00
Photoshop Elements 5   US $10.00
Photoshop and Photoshop Elements tutorials and goodies
Learn Photoshop in just 2 hours

Instantly Viewable Video Tutorials !!

Master the basics of Adobe Photoshop in under 2 hours with easy to follow instantly accessible Online Video Tutorials.
  Learn Photoshop Elements In Under 2 Hours.

Instantly Viewable Video Tutorials !!

Master the basics of Adobe Photoshop Elements in under 2 hours with easy to follow Instantly Accessible Online Video Tutorials
  Photoshop Video tutorials

Create websites, buttons, Internet banners, logos, fix and touch-up photos, cut out backgrounds, e-covers, design tee-shirts, etc.

Edit Your Digital Photos Using Photoshop.

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to quickly and easily edit your digital photos like the professionals.

As Simple as Photoshop

Great videos for Photoshop beginners
Click here for Photoshop 6, 7, 8 and 9
Click here for CS4 Windows
Click here for CS4 Mac version
Click here for CS3 Windows
Click here for CS3 Mac version

  Create Digital Backgrounds In Photoshop.

Create Digital Backgrounds in 5 minutes with Photoshop. Video download!
Save ink - Save paper
Ecoprint2 ProecoPrint2 Pro Ink and Paper Saver is a printer driver that allows you to control just how much ink you want to use and how you want your pages arranged so that you get the most out of the paper that you have.
Cut your ink usage by three fourths, print your whole document on one page or combine pages from different documents – or do all three at once.

Ecoprint2ecoPrint2 Ink and Toner Saver can reduce up to 75% of your ink usage and it can be used with any printer, as well as printers shared over any Local Area Network (LAN).
Download Free Digital Camera ebooks...
Digital Camera Secrets
Download a free copy of
Digital Camera Secrets

Improve Your Creativity and Enjoyment
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Olympus AZ
Download a free copy of
"A-Z of Digital Photography"
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Other Links

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Description: manageMe7 is a revolutionary new concept in online money management. It helps you
untangle your tangled finances and lets you gain complete control over the way you manage your money.
  Revolutioniz   Aculift

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