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Photoshop &
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PhotoArt Tutorials

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  If you would like to learn how to transform YOUR photographs into beautiful paintings like these, these tutorials are for you !!
Most of these tutorials are designed to be done in less than 20 minutes. No special artistic talent is needed.
  Please enable popups on your browser and click on the thumbnails if you want to see larger size samples.
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Tutorial 1 - Watercolor
Tutorial 2 - PST Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 - Portrait Tutorial 5A Tutorial 05B
1) Watercolor 2) Pattern Stamp Tool 3) Dancer ** 4) Portrait ** 5A Watercolor /
pen and ink with LucisArt
5B) Watercolor / pen
and ink

Tutorial 5C Tutorial 06 Tutorial 07 - Sketch Tutorial 08 Tutorial 9 Tutorial 10
5C) Watercolor / with
Topaz Adjust
6) Watercolor /
7) Black and white +
Colored Sketch
8) Impressionist
9) Cartoony 10) Impressionist **

Tutorial 11 Tutorial 12 Fake Vector Tutorial 13 Fake HDR Tutorial 14 Tutorial 15 Tutorial 16
11) Quick Painting 12) Vector Effect 13)  HDR effect with
one picture
14) Old Master
15) Oil Portrait 16) Watercolor with

Portraits with Topaz Clean Tut 18 - HDR with Topaz Adjust 3 Tut 27 Tut 28 Tut 39 Tut 41
17) Portraits with
Topaz Clean
18) HDR effect with
Topaz Adjust 3
27) Illustration Look 28) Art History Brush 
39) Easy Painting 41) Caricature

Tutorial 47 Tutorial 47B Tut 48
47) Create your own
backgrounds + blend
them into your pictures
48) 42 painted backgrounds
by Sylvia Lesage DiGeorgio
49) Create your own gallery
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50 tutorials - 405 pages
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* This tutorial is not included in the ebook.
** These tutorials are intended for Windows users, as the Impressionist plug-in does NOT work on Mac computers.

  Get all the tutorials on this page + more
for the one-time cost of US $34.95
Check out the Photoshop Photos to Art eBook and the Table of Contents

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Contact: Sylvia Lesage DiGeorgio
All the tutorials and images on this site are copyrighted, and may not be used without the written artists consent.

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The HDR with Topaz Adjust 3 and Sketch with Topaz Clean tutorials are NOT included in this ebook.

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