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arrow  Free set of actions:
- Reduce by increments of 90%
- Increase by increments of 110%
- Create a composite layer of all your layers
- Correct colorcast
- Luminosity mask
- Edges ocean ripple frame
- Give a brownish glow to your picture
  arrow  Free presets:
This set includes my very favorite presets.

This set of actions and the presets have been created with PS CS3, you might have to adjust the settings if you're using an older version of Photoshop.
Don't forget to save your presets before adding these new ones
(see above how to save them).

arrow  Textures       arrow Borders       arrow Backgrounds       arrowSmudging brushes (compatible with Photoshop Elements)
  arrow   Smudge presets NEW          arrow   Smudge brushes 2 NEW (compatible with Photoshop Elements)

Download the Impressionist Plugin (this plugin does NOT work on Mac computers).

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Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 - Portrait Tutorial 08 Tutorial 15 Fractalius tutorial
3) Dancer ** 4) Portrait ** 8) Impressionist
15) Oil Portrait Fractalius tutorial

   Tutorial 5A Tut 27 Tut 28 Art History Brush Fractalius Lucisart tutorial
5A) Watercolor /
pen and ink with LucisArt
27) Illustration Look 28) Art History Brush 
50) Watercolor and ink
with Fractalius
LucisArt tutorial

Topaz Tutorials
Tutorial 5C Tutorial 16 Portraits with Topaz Clean Tut 18 - HDR with Topaz Adjust 3 Tut 25 Sketch with Topaz Clean
5C) Watercolor / with
Topaz Adjust
16) Watercolor with
17) Portraits with
Topaz Clean
18) HDR effect with
Topaz Adjust 3
25) Sketch with
Topaz Clean

Contact: Sylvia Lesage DiGeorgio
All the tutorials and images on this site are copyrighted, and may not be used without the written artists consent.

Topaz Adjust

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